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General Information

Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Protection Department started education in 1990. Today, it has been continuing its education and development as a Plant Protection Sub-Program under the Agricultural Engineering Program. Plant Protection Department focuses on the identification of pests, disease factors and weeds that cause economic losses in plant production, determination of their biological and ecological properties, their interaction with plants and each other as well as mechanical, cultural, physical, chemical and biological control. The department has 2 sub departments: Entomology and Phytopathology. The education language of the department is Turkish and English. Master's and doctorate programs are carried out in the Department of Entomology and Phytopathology.

The achievements of students graduated from Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Protection Program as a result of the courses they take are as follows.

  • An ability to apply the knowledge and principles of science and engineering to Plant Protection problems,
  • Ability to identify and diagnose pest, disease and weed problems that may be encountered in plant production,
  • To have the ability to use initiative and creativity to carry out studies in the field of Plant Protection in cooperation with its stakeholders,
  • Ability to determine the harmful level of pests, diseases and weeds encountered in crop production and to realize the current scientific and technical suggestions for their solutions by considering the environment, human health and food safety,
  • To have the ability to create and implement combat programs related to Plant Protection factors,
  • To have the ability to carry out the struggle against diseases, pests and weeds in cultivated plants in accordance with the integrated fighting principles.
  • Measuring and evaluating the success of Plant Protection programs,
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate the environmental effects of Plant Protection products.
  • Ability to have information about the effects of ecological factors on plant protection factors,
  • Ability to design, set up, collect data, analyze and interpret results in Plant Protection field,
  • Ability to prepare and execute projects at the undergraduate level in the field of Plant Protection,
  • Ability to manage Plant Protection Products and basic inventory of tools and equipment required for their implementation,
  • To be able to follow innovations related to Plant Protection and put them into practice.
  • Having the skills of self-improvement by following new agricultural technologies within the framework of lifelong learning.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing, the ability to have entrepreneurship and creativity,
  • Having the ethical awareness required by the profession,
  • Being able to use Turkish and at least one foreign language effectively in accordance with the requirements of business life.


Working Areas of Our Graduates;

• All institutions within the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

• Quarantine Directorate (External quarantine- Exported and imported products)

• Research Institutes-Regional Plant Protection Research Institutes

• Citrus Research Institute

• Agricultural Research Institutes

• Faculty Membership at Universities

• Agrochemical companies (such as Bayer, Hektaş, Dow Elenco, BASF, Altın Tarım, Güvenlik Tarım, Cansa, Sygenta)

• Seed production companies

• Insect production companies-Biological control.

• Spraying companies - environmental health spraying.

• Agricultural consultancy companies.

• Job opportunities in private farms and greenhouses.

• Opening a pesticide dealer.