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Biosystem Engineering

Biosystem engineering; is an engineering science, is a discipline in which engineering and biology are applied for the detection, modification and control of system environments for the completion of the physiological, physical, chemical, biochemical response of plant and animal biological systems and to obtain useful end products of the systems. 

The biosystem encompasses the complex relationships between plants and animals living in soil and atmosphere and their systems (structure, machinery, energy, water). Changing a parameter and/or component of the relationships can have both desired and undesired consequences. Minimizing the undesirable while enhancing the desired end result is the principle aim of the biosystem engineer.

The aim of the Biosystem Engineering Department is to research and develop in accordance with science and technique within environmental awareness and sustainability of the resources in order to offer food, energy and water to the use of local, regional, national and global beneficiaries and to protect them from possible harm.


In addition, in order to supply food, feed, fiber and fuel, the department aims to teach basic sciences and engineering principles to the Biosystem Engineers to solve the problems about production, use and processing of biological materials; design and production of machine systems; protection and development of land and water resources; efficient use of energy; and agricultural structures while maintaining natural resources and environmental quality.


Biosystem engineering program; briefly, aims to educate self-confident, qualified engineers who can work effectively with awareness of responsibility in agricultural, biological, and environmental, etc. areas.

There are four different disciplines within the department;

• Land and Water Resources
• Agricultural Structures
Agricultural Energy Systems

• Agricultural Machinery Systems

Authorisation and Job Opportunities
An engineer who has completed his education in the Biosystem Engineering Undergraduate Program, can authority in the following subjects.

  1. Design and implementation of irrigation systems,
  2. Qualification, monitoring and evaluation of Land and Water Resources
  3. Design, construction and operation of all kinds of buildings, shelter and facility used for agricultural production,
  4. Design, project, construction and operation of machinery and facilities for the processes from production to consumption of agricultural products,
  5. Using and protecting of power and energy resources related with biosystems
  6. Actualisation of sustainable agricultural production.

Graduates can work where public institutions, private sector organizations are and working areas can be listed as follows:

  • Public institutions (Special Provincial Administrations, DSI, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Universities (as teaching staff), Municipalities, etc.
  • Public and Private Banks,
  • Land consolidation contracting firms,
  • Irrigation-Drainage Contracting firms,
  • Contracting firms related to agricultural structures,
  • Agro-based industrial facilities,
  • Agricultural cooperatives,
  • Agriculture-based international companies,
  • Livestock-based machinery industry,
  • Agricultural consultancy organizations,
  • Technology development zones,
  • Agricultural machinery contractor organizations,
  • Agricultural machinery and industry,
  • Tractor industry,
  • Food machinery industry,
  • Mechanization applications based on agricultural machinery in agricultural enterprises,
  • Self-established engineering offices and firms.

Agricultural Energy Systems

  • Prof. Dr. Gazanfer ERGÜNEŞ
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Hakan POLATCI
  • Research Assistant Muhammed TAŞOVA

Agricultural Machinery Systems

  • Prof. Dr. Ö. Faruk TAŞER
  • Prof. Dr. Ebubekir ALTUNTAŞ
  • Prof.Dr. Engin ÖZGÖZ
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Mesut DİLMAÇ
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Metin ÖZGÜVEN
  • Lecturer M. Hakan YARDIM
  • Research Assistant Mustafa GÜZEL

Land and Water Resources

  • Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ŞİMŞEK
  • Prof. Dr. Kadri YÜREKLİ
  • Prof. Dr. Tekin ÖZTEKİN
  • Lecturer M. Murat CÖMERT
  • Research Assistant Müberra ERDOĞAN

Agricultural Structures

  • Prof. Dr. Sedat KARAMAN
  • Research Assistant Serkan YAZAREL